Boilies - Specomen Carp Fishing Bait


Boilies are some of the best carp bait you will ever use!!!


Our bait shop supplies the best big carp fishing baits available, namely BOILIES!

Excellent fish bait for Specimen Carp Fishing / Specimen Carp Angling.
Boilie fishing is also popular with the competitive freshwater fishing facet and social 'pap gooi' anglers.

Groot Karp Aas vir Spesie Karp Hengel

Ons hengel winkel verskaf die beste varswater vis aas vir spesie karp hengel, naamlik BOILIES!
Boilies is nie net 'n uitstekende karp hengel aas vir spesie karp hengel nie, dit is ook uiters geskik vir kompeterende varswater hengel (varswater visvang) en vir sosiale karp visvang ( papgooi).

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Boilie Baiting Using Throwing Sticks


How to Bait up your feeding area with Boilies as carp bait using Throwing Sticks.

To purchase any of these Boilie Sticks please visit this Dealer.



Enterprise Artificial Baits

Enterprise Tackle Logo


The Enterprise Tackle company started doing business officially in 2003 but they had already started making a range of bait for big carp fishing 5 years before that in 1998.

They are currently the U.K’s leading manufacturer of imitation baits and were the first to produce the now famous “Popup sweetcorn” back in 1999, the original and best specimen carp fishing bait!

Anchor Tackle

Anchor Tackle Logo


In 1978 Anchor Tackle started doing business out of a little workshop, distributing saltwater weights to the local fishing shops in the South Eastern parts of England. Ross Keightley, founder of Anchor Tackle, along with his background in engineering started to create custom machinery to be able to mould different weights faster and more effectively than by simply pouring them by hand.

Soon after that a range of coarse fishing weights were created and after that, in the early 80’s, he created the first commercial carp weights because some of the "big names" in the carp world asked for a weight that they could cast far and also be painted black to conceal it. During the 80’s, at the peak of production, the factory was producing 10,000 carp weights per day.

The latest products off the production line are the new ‘Bait Logic’ artificial baits. They liked the artificial baits that were currently on the market but these were only the pop-up types. They then started to experiment with different types of materials to find something that they could use to create bait for carp fishing that would have a density similar to that of the real thing.

Dynamite Baits

Dynamite Baits Logo


Dynamite Baits, one of the biggest carp bait manufacturers in Europe, also specializes in creating a range of match groundbaits, pellets and predator baits.

Their main speciality is in the production of boilie carp bait and all of these baits are produced in-house at its Nottingham, England; based headquarters. Dynamite Baits are sold all over the world via a wide ranging distribution network.

More than 40 staff members are active in the manufacturing and distribution department to make sure that all the orders are sent out as quickly as possible. The sales and marketing section comprises of another 20 staff members whose main job it is to make sure that the newest products are in all the shops and is backed up by an extensive advertising campaigns.

If you are looking for boilies, pellets, groundbaits or a liquid additive then you can be sure that the guys at Dynamite Baits have something that will help you land more fish!

Quest Baits

Quest Baits Logo


Your Mission - Our Passion
That little sentence says so much because it sum up the whole philosophy behind Quest Baits. If it is your mission to be able to catch more carp then is is Quests passion to help you to do it. The Quest Bait range is the pinnacle of the bait knowledge Shaun Harrison, founder of Quest Baits, has gained through his entire fishing career, a career that started in the 1970's. A long and winding road that has been frustrating at times and but also fascinating and rewarding at other times.


Nutrabaits  Logo


Nutrabaits has never tried to baffle people with the science behind their baits or to tried to give anglers the idea that their products would be a magical solution to all your prayers, but they do guarantee to people that all their bait products have been intensively researched and field-tested to make sure that they have the highest possible standards. Basically, Nutrabaits products will not be beaten on either its quality or effectiveness!

CC Moore

CC Moore Logo


Everybody at C.C. Moore & Co Ltd has a vast knowledge in animal nutrition as well as in feed formulation; and that, coupled with our passion for fishing and excellent feedback from our fishing team anglers, enables us to develop some of the best carp bait that there is available on the market.

It is our goal to provide the highest quality, gutting-edge products while still trying to deliver value for your money baits to anglers in all experience levels in different areas of the fishing community. We focus particularly on the Carp and coarse anglers giving them an ever-increasing range of baits that are competitively priced and have a proven track record.

Nash Baits

Nash Baits Logo


In the Carp World no other brand is as highly respected as Nash Tackle. In the 70's, when carp angling had barely started, Kevin Nash started to design and manufacture a range of Carp Tackle. Since those days carp tackle has not really developed; the tackle that we have today just wasn't imagined back then and Kevin was one of the first people to address that fact. Where tackle and equipment such as carp sacks, brollies, bivvies, rucksacks, rod holdalls and terminal tackle are involved, Nash Tackle are still the original innovators.

Mistral Baits

Mistral Baits Logo


It has been 25 years, a lot of time, effort and a bit of luck to get to where we are today where our high tech factory creates baits not only for ourselves but also for many competitors. It feels like ages since we started making baits for our friends and the local fishing stores working out of a rented cowshed,

We put all our determination, knowledge and pride into all our products whether they carry the name Mistral or not.

We create baits at Mistral with total dedication to you. Our baits aren't created to fit a price, we rather create a price to fit our bait and that is why there are 3 different ranges in our price list.